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The Pantheon is the best-preserved Roman-era building in all of Rome; an architectural masterpiece of all time, it was an inspiration to the greatest artists of the Renaissance, so much so that Raphael wanted to make it the place of his own eternal resting place.
It is hidden among the narrow streets of the Trevi district, very close to Piazza Navona, and seeing it for the first time, with its proportions and structure, is truly impressive.
Built by Marcus Agrippa it was originally dedicated to the seven planetary deities: hence the name "Pantheon," which in Greek means "of all the gods."
Closed and abandoned under the early Christian Emperors and later sacked by barbarians, the Pantheon in the seventh century became a Christian Church.
Inside the building you can admire the immense dome and oculus (the opening in the dome), which can give this place a rather unique illumination.

The visit is free, but if you want to learn more about the history of this fascinating monument you can book an audio guide in the link below.


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